Exhaust and High-Risk: Polluting the Gateway to Learning

Year on year, we see an increase in awareness of the importance of sustainable travel. However, there is still a country-wide activity which sees vehicles causing problems. It may seem easier to simply bundle your kids into your car for the school run but, as huge numbers continue to do this, there are some really worrying effects.

Meet the Modeshift Team - Janine McCretton

Modeshift Board MembersJob title: Senior Sustainable Transport Officer

Why Walking is Good for Children's Mental Health

See the latest Brightkidz blog for a feature on walking and children's mental health, including links to research. It could be the information you need to get schools on board.

South Yorkshire stride on Clean Air Day

In recognition of National Clean Air Day this year PWLC’s STARS South Yorkshire Team have undertaken a huge one-day challenge - walking a 16 mile route passing through all 4 local authorities in the region while encouraging schools on or near the route to either join in the walk or run a ShoeShare event.

What activities did you plan for National Clean Air Day

National Clean Air Day took place on Thursday 21st June.  We would love to hear about your activities. Email us at to tell us what you did.

Meet the Modeshift Team - Steve Glazebrook

Modeshift Board MembersJob title: Vice-chair for Business & Communities

Love to Ride

Love to Ride are Bristol-based behaviour change experts that aim is to get more people on bikes, more often and for transport. They run a year-round calendar of events to do just that.

National Sustainable Travel Awards are launched!

It's that time of year again!

Have you renewed your Modeshift Membership?

As 2018 picks up pace, it is the time of year where we are asking you to renew your Local Authority Modeshift Membership. If you haven’t already done so, here’s a reminder of what is included in the Local Authority Membership.

Meet the Modeshift Team - Chris Ward

Modeshift Board MembersJob title: Travel Plan Officer at Suffolk County Council.


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