New deadline date - 9th August 2020

The Modeshift National Sustainable Travel Awards recognise best practice in the promotion of sustainable travel. Through the awards, Modeshift Members are recognised by their industry colleagues for showcasing best practice for their work, schemes, and projects.

Whilst our current working circumstances are very different to previous years, there is no difference to our awards. We know that members continue to develop and deliver initiatives and projects to promote sustainable travel, including activities to tackle climate change, increase levels of physical activity and improve road safety.

We would like to invite Modeshift Members to nominate projects for the National Sustainable Travel Awards, that have demonstrated impact in the promotion of sustainable travel. Projects can include work undertaken in a range of settings including education, business and community settings.

Click here to download the nomination form.


The awards will recognise initiatives or projects that meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • innovative or creative - a new idea or successful adaptation of an old one
  • shows engagement and involvement with target group – pupils, students, staff, volunteers have been involved in design and/or deliver
  • involves joined up approach – collaborative working with other organisations or teams
  • can measure success in outputs and outcomes; e.g. providing 10 pool bikes for staff (output) has seen a reduction in 20 car journeys per week (outcome)
  • sustainable – has proven longevity
  • transferable - other Members have, or can, duplicate the initiative
  • cost effective – showing good value for money
  • identifies barriers and provides solutions – shows how the target audience are now travelling more sustainably


Excellence in Walking

  • This award recognises projects and initiatives developed by individuals and groups to promote and encourage walking (or scooting) for the journey to education providers, work or within communities. Walking (or scooting) must be the key element of your nomination in this category.

Excellence in Cycling

  • This award recognises projects and initiatives developed by individuals and groups to promote and encourage cycling for the journey to education providers, work or within communities. Cycling must be the key element of your nomination in this category.

Best Partnership

  • This award recognises and celebrates the efforts being made by individuals and groups to work in collaboration with education providers, businesses and community groups, to promote and encourage sustainable travel. This does not include projects where one organisation is being paid by another to undertake the work.

Contribution to Sustainable Travel

  • This award recognises individuals, teams or organisations that have made a significant contribution to sustainable travel locally or nationally;

· a travel plan co-ordinator who has achieved significant results by championing sustainable travel within their school, workplace or community can be nominated for the Individual award

· a working group who have engaged successfully with their target audience could be considered for the Team award

· you could nominate a group of people, or a business, that has developed projects to encourage sustainable travel for the Organisation award

Best Sustainable Travel Initiative

  • This award recognises specific projects and initiatives, developed by individuals and groups, to promote and encourage sustainable travel for any journey, whether that's to an education provider or work, for business or pleasure. We are looking for applications about projects and initiatives, within Education, Business or Community settings.
  • Applications will be accepted for sustainable travel projects that do not specifically relate to walking or cycling, eg parking improvement, increasing public transport. Projects can include those that involve multi-stranded elements of sustainable travel, eg. green travel weeks.

Best Project under £1000

  • This award recognises budget busting projects and initiatives that have cost less than £1000. Nominations will be accepted from Members that have made a contribution of less than £1000 to deliver a successful sustainable travel project or initiative. Working on a low budget, you have to negotiate and work with ‘who you know…’ therefore any ‘payment in kind’, sponsorship or other financial contribution does not need to be included in the £1000. However they will need to be detailed in the nomination and you must show how the project will be sustained when sponsorship is no longer available.

Nominating your initiative

Nominations are invited from all Modeshift Members. You can nominate your initiative in more than one category, but the details you provide in your application must relate specifically to the key element of that Award.

This year we are using an Excel form for you to make nominations. You can download and save the form to produce and perfect your nomination before you submit it by email. As in previous years, there’s a character limit on the boxes for each section. This helps you to provide a succinct and focused nomination. Please send your completed form, with photos only (maximum 3MB) to . Please click here to download a copy.

Closing date for nominations was 26th July 2020. DEADLINE NOW EXTENDED - 9th AUGUST

The nominations will be shortlisted by the Modeshift Management Board over the summer. This shortlist will be announced in September, when Members and Partners will be eligible to vote for one entry in each category.

The winners will be announced on Thursday 5th November at the Modeshift Convention, in Leicester.

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