Book your Place for the 2019 Modeshift Convention

Book Today for the 2019 Annual Modeshift Convention. 

This two day conference brings together industry professional from a range of sectors to showcase and share best practice in the delivery and promotion of sustainable travel. Modeshift will present a range of speakers from leading organisations who are at the forefront of sustainable travel promotion.

Integrating Road Safety and Public Health Programmes Survey

Royal Society for The Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) is conducting a survey to look at the progress made since 2013 in integrating road safety and public health programmes through Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNAs).

Car Free Day - Sunday 22nd September

Modeshift would love to hear about the events you are you planning to celebrate Car Free Day 2019? 

Home to School Travel and Transport Consultation

The Department for Education is consulting on revised statutory guidance for local authorities on home to school travel and transport for children of compulsory school age (5-16).

Developing and Implementing School Streets Training Course

Enhance your CV and gain valuable experience - Modeshift Management Board

Joining the Modeshift Management has been described by current board members as a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Board members have the opportunity to shape the future of the organisation and the national direction for sustainable travel whilst developing your own skills, experience and knowledge.

Voting Continues for the National Sustainable Travel Awards

A reminder that you can now vote for your favourite of 3 projects in each category of the National Sustainable Travel Awards by going to the Modeshift webiste 

Bike to School Week 2019

Bike to School Week, 23rd to 27th September, is a free event designed to showcase the benefits of cycling to school across the UK. 

Revised road closure guidance to boost children's outdoor play

More children are set to enjoy playing outside safely away from traffic after government rules around closing roads for community events were simplified.

Go Travel Solutions - New Modeshift Partner

New Active Travel Packs from Brightkidz

Brightkidz has launched their new autumn range of packs for schools to support a range of active travel and road safety initiatives.

Local authority Modeshift members can request a free mini sample pack (value approx £5.00) by emailing contact details to

The offer ends Friday 13 September 2019. Maximum of one pack per local authority.

Voting is open for the National Sustainable Travel Awards

Thank you to all Members who submitted nominations for this years National Sustainable Travel Awards. We received 62 fantastic nominations in 9 categories. As always it was very difficult for the Management Board to decide which projects to shortlist. You can now vote for your favourite of 3 projects in each category by going to the Modeshift webiste

Each Member (individual in the organisation, registered as a Modeshift member) has one vote in each category. The average vote for each organisation will be calculated to give the final score for each category, giving one complete vote per organisation. Please see below for an explanation of how the voting works.

Please go to the 2019 Awards page to cast your vote

Have a look round this year's Modeshift Convention Venue The Athena - Leicester

Last week we visited the Athena, the venue for this year's Modeshift Convention and National Sustainable Travel Awards. You can check out our 360 Sneak peak from the venue over on our Facebook page. Feel free to have a look around the venue.

Bookings for the 2019 Modeshift Convention are coming in thick and fast. Make sure you book your space at

World's largest cycling database set to make cycling in the capital easier

Transport for London (TfL) has launched the Cycling Infrastructure Database, the world's largest database of cycling infrastructure which will help to make cycling in London easier and more tailored to people's needs. The database contains the details of all 240,000 pieces of cycling infrastructure in London, such as cycle parking spaces and cycle lanes.

The database has been made available to London boroughs and has also been released as open data for third-party developers. The data has already been used to upgrade TfL's own Journey Planner, meaning that people using the planner for cycle journeys can now see the nearest and most convenient place to park for every journey.

For more information visit

Thinking outside of the box for funding opportunities – A Best Practise Project

When applying for Gold Modeshift STARS status there is a requirement for each school to identify and obtain other sources of funding aside from that available from the local authority. Below is an example of a school who have come up with an innovative way of funding cycling activities.

Chester Park Junior School, is a 2 form entry school for children aged 7-11 based in Fishponds, Bristol. The school were awarded Silver Modeshift STARS in 2018 and have been working hard towards gaining their Gold Modeshift STARS accreditation for the last 18 months. As mentioned above, one of the requirements for the Gold Award is investigating and obtaining alternative funding streams and Tracey Ellis, the Chester Park Junior School’s Active Travel Champion, had the brilliant idea of using textile recycling to fund cycle training for pupils.

Tracey contacted local business, Bristol Textiles Recycling an organised for a large clothing recycling bin to be dropped off and installed at the school. The textiles bin was set up by the entrance of the school and Tracey launched a campaign for parents, staff and local residents to donate unwanted clothes and textiles. The textiles are collected by Bristol Textiles on a monthly basis, resulting in £25-£50 per month income for the school. The funds are then used internally for cycling projects for pupils including subsidising Bikeability cycle training, booking Learn to Ride training and running a BMX club. To date the school have raised £800 through the scheme. Many pupils in the school have benefitted from cycling activities as a result of the scheme, lots of which who may not have otherwise been able to afford to take part.

Several of our other Bristol schools have also come up with ingenious funding ideas. One school trialled setting up a ‘Be Bright Shop’ selling bright and reflective clothing and accessories to pupils and parents, with profits going back into road safety and active travel initiatives. Other great fundraising ideas have included holding sponsored walks for pupils and their families, non uniform days and putting on cake sales. Schools can also apply for local funding pots either directly with their Local Authority or to local charities, or nationally with organisations such as Sport England and the Big Lottery Fund.

Future High Street Summit 2019: Focus on Footfall

After a successful debut in 2014, the Future High Street Summit is returning in 2019 to offer councils, town teams, business improvement districts (BIDs) and solution providers the opportunity to share their ideas and experiences for a more prosperous future high street. The Future High Street Summit 2019: Focus on Footfall will take place on 18th September 2019 at the Nottingham Conference Centre.

The Future High Street Summit was the brain-child of Clare Bailey, was Clare Rayner, consumer champion and a passionate high street campaigner. At a time when the media almost constantly proclaimed ‘the death of the high street’, Clare felt that there was simply too much talk and too little action.

By connecting with several individuals from town teams and industry bodies across the UK, it became clear that there were fantastic examples of towns, communities and high streets implementing projects with a significant positive impact – and often at a modest cost.

Pindar Creative will be exhibiting at the summit for the first time, to showcase recent projects promoting active and sustainable travel, and their impact on footfall. This will include wayfinding schemes and mapping projects designed to promote BIDs.

The summit promises an action-packed agenda focusing on measuring, managing and promoting footfall.

Employees of BIDs, local authorities and councils or volunteers with an organisation such as a Town Team are eligible to register for two free delegate tickets per organisation.

For further details on promoting active and sustainable travel, please get in touch on 01296 390100 or via the website.

Resources from Brightkidz

'How Will You Get to School?' is the title of the latest free active travel resource from us here at Brightkidz. We developed this guide with the support of a local school as a way of helping parents and pupils to get an active travel habit from day one for the school journey. Although it is designed for parents of new starters at primary school, it is useful for any year groups and can be downloaded free of charge from the Brightkidz website at (Printed copies available to purchase in bulk).

A big furry bear, a well-known comedian, a scooting head teacher... plus lots of Modeshift partners - what else have we been doing over the last year to promote active travel? Most people take a look back at the year when they get to December - as we are so focused around schools we do this every August instead. Find out which familiar Modeshift faces and partners feature in our review of 2018-19. It could be you!!!!

We've an exciting year ahead with a couple of police-funded projects in the pipeline and some great new Walking Bus resources coming soon (thanks to a project with Bath and North East Somerset Council).

We're also working hard on some new Brightkidz products to support active travel initiatives and our general promotional products range - - for which 100% of profits are ploughed back to support our campaigns and resources.

If you need a bit of help or guidance planning resources for the new school year we are here to help. Just get in touch!

World Car Free Day 2019

World Car Free Day is celebrated around the world annually on 22 September. The event encourages drivers to give up their cars for the day and, in some cities, organised activities take place to celebrate streets that are normally dominated by cars.

This is an opportunity for local authorities and partners to promote walking, cycling, improvements to air quality and a reduction in car use.

Please do share the activities that you are planning by emailing

For more information visit

Plastic – you just can’t give it away - News from Room 9 Media

I think we’re all now beginning to fully realise the horrendous nature of the plastic legacy that we have unwittingly brought upon ourselves. It’s almost impossible to visit any social media site without being bombarded by a series of disturbing images of some faraway beach covered in it the stuff or an innocent sea creature entangled in its destructive grip.

As a family, we’ve recently upped our efforts to try and drastically reduce the amount we get through each week. The highlights have been:

Re-hiring a Milkman after an embarrassing 20-year absence.

  • Sending a stinking email to Unilever asking why they insist on putting Marmite into squeezable plastic containers as an alternative to the traditional glass jar.

  • Buying ketchup in glass bottles and refilling the old plastic one (yes, a perilous operation but well worth the effort!)

Business is Business
A few months ago, I read a comment from someone in the US complaining that the campaign against plastic would affect her job at the packaging plant. Such anxiety is understandable, but we’ve all got to review our business practices to see how we can do more to stem the tidal plastic wave. As a company, we’ve also started looking at some small ways we can address this issue.

As soon as our current packaging material is used up, we’ll make sure all the new stuff is as plastic free as possible. Bubble wrap has been out for some time.

And I’m afraid we’re going to avoid dishing out those time-honoured plastic giveaways. The market is awash with them but there are plenty of more sustainable alternatives. It’s only a matter of time before schools politely decline to take them off our hands.

All these might seem like a drop in the ocean, but we are simply left with no choice than to massively reduce the amount of plastic we use on a daily basis, and that starts now…

John Billington

Luton Street Closures Hailed a Success

There are calls for more traffic free zones around schools after the first temporary street closure in Luton came to a positive end. Between 10 and 21 June Hillborough Road was transformed into a traffic free space in mornings and afternoons with school Eco Warriors keen for the street closure to continue and want to cycle more.
The closure was the result of a team effort between Hillborough Infant and Junior schools, Luton Council’s Road Safety Team, Public Health and walking and cycling charity, Sustrans. It coincided with Clean Air Day on 20 June, a national initiative, to raise awareness of the links between transport and air pollution.

Vehicle traffic is the key source of poor outdoor air quality in Luton producing harmful chemicals and gasses into the air. These include CO2, a leading cause of global warming, nitrous oxides and particulates, particularly harmful to health.
Poor air quality can exacerbate breathing problems in asthma sufferers and reduce lung function. It’s also linked to a range of long term health conditions, such as lung cancer, and contributes to around 36,000 deaths every year5. However, the message from Clean Air Day is that positively small changes in our everyday lives, leaving the car at home, can help improve the air we breathe, make us more active and healthier.
Currently, one in four cars on the road during the morning rush are on the school run, despite the average primary school journey being just 1.6 miles. Traffic free zones around schools help encourage parents and pupils to consider healthier travel choices, such as walking, cycling and scooting instead of the car.

Support for traffic free areas at schools is growing with a majority of teachers and families now supporting a ban on vehicles at the school gates during the school run3. Sustrans believes the temporary closure demonstrated the viability of the scheme and are calling for them to be rolled out across the country.

Commenting on the closure Sustrans Schools Officer in Luton, Richard Noon said; “This short-term closure was just part of a package of initiatives we’re undertaking with schools across the country to get more children active. Traffic free zones help to tackle poor air quality. With road transport being at the root of the problem a shift towards cycling, walking and scooting must be part of the solution. This street closure showed that a different way is possible and we can all make a difference. Traffic free zones at the school gates should be rolled out across the country as a priority for local and national government.”

Councillor Rachel Hopkins, Luton Council portfolio holder for Public Health said “I’m very pleased with the impact this street closure has had. It has reminded us that active and green travel is possible and helps to tackle serious public health issues of our time, air pollution and obesity. In Luton, 40% of our year 6 children are overweight or obese, with possible serious health consequences leading into adulthood, including premature mortality. Being more physically active can increase concentration, improve behaviour, academic attainment and is much better for our environment. The temporary closure encouraged parents, teachers and pupils to ditch the car and make healthier, travel choices. It’s just one of the ways we’re working with schools, partners and the community to make Luton a healthier place. I hope this will encourage more short-term road closures around our schools in the future.”

Bike To School Week

Bike to School Week 2019 runs between the 23rd and 27th September.

Bike to School Week is a great way to kick-start the school year with active travel and encourage a healthy school run for all students.

Sustrans will be producing a teacher’s resource pack with five activities for schools to run across the week.

We will also provide support resources including web banners and social media images to enable partners and local authorities to organise activities celebrating Bike to School Week. Use the hashtag #BikeToSchool to share any activities you complete during your week.

Bike to School Week is delivered by Sustrans.

For ful details visit

Nominate your schools for the Modeshift STARS National School Travel Awards

The nomination process for the 2019 National STARS School Travel Awards is now open! Local Authorities are able to nominate up to three schools in each of the four categories set out below:

  • Best Early Years/Nursery
  • Best Primary (including Infant and Junior Schools)
  • Best Secondary (including Middle Schools)
  • Best SEND

All nominated schools will be invited to attend one of our Regional Awards events that will be taking place this November. Please note that the events will be by invite only and each local authority will be able to bring two members of staff in the first instance. Details of the events have now been published on the Modeshift website and local authorities can now book two places for their local authority in the following link

Key dates for the National Awards nominations:

  • Tuesday 10th July - National STARS School Travel Awards nominations open
  • Friday 6th September - Deadline for completing your National STARS School Travel Awards nominations
  • Week commencing 9th September - Nominated schools invited to attend the Regional STARS Awards events
  • November 2019 - Regional Awards Events
    • 12th November, South East Regional Awards, London
    • 13th November, East of England Regional Awards, London
    • 20th November, North East, Yorkshire & The Humber Regional Awards, York
    • 26th November, Midlands & North West Regional Awards, Birmingham
    • 27th November, South West Regional Awards, Bristol

Should you require any more details about the National STARS School Travel Awards nominations please do not hesitate to contact your participating local authority.

For more information -

Last chance to nominate your projects for the Modeshift National Sustainable Travel Awards

The Deadline for the Modeshift National sustainable travel awards close at midnight on Wednesday 7th August.

The Modeshift National Sustainable Travel Awards recognise best practice in the promotion of sustainable travel. Through the awards, Modeshift Members are recognised by their industry colleagues for showcasing best practice for their work, schemes, and projects.

We would like to invite Modeshift Members to nominate their projects for the National Sustainable Travel Awards that have demonstrated impact in the promotion of sustainable travel. Projects can include work undertaken in a range of settings including education, business and community settings.


The awards will recognise initiatives or projects that meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • innovative or creative - a new idea or successful adaptation of an old one
  • shows engagement and involvement with target group – pupils, students, staff, volunteers have been involved in design and/or deliver
  • involves joined up approach – collaborative working with other organisations or teams
  • can measure success in outputs and outcomes; e.g. providing 10 pool bikes for staff (output) has seen a reduction in 20 journeys per week (outcome)
  • sustainable – has proven longevity
  • transferable - other Members have, or can, duplicate the initiative
  • cost effective – showing good value for money
  • identifies barriers and provides solutions to allow target audience travelling more sustainably

For full information regarding this year's awards visit

Take Part in the Modeshift Fantasy Football League 2019-20 Season

A Modeshift Fantasy Football League has been set up by Modeshift Regional Representative - Chris Ward. He would like to invite Modeshift Members to take part.

“For those that play the Fantasy Premier League, a dedicated Modeshift league has been set up for the 2019-20 season. To take part you need to register at and choose a squad of 15 players with a budget of £100 million to compete against rival teams. To join the Modeshift League, select ‘Leagues’ from the top menu, select ‘Create and join a new league, ‘Join a league’, ‘Join private league’ then enter the following code:


If you cannot decide on your team now you can auto select your team and make transfers at a later date without penalty, to allow you to join the league straight away.”

Modeshift 2019 Convention - call for papers closes on July 31st

The 2019 Modeshift Convention will take place at the Athena Conference Centre in Leicester. Do you want to present to the nation's leading industry professionals?

    Dates – Doors open from 09.30am November 7th and ends around 14.30 on November 8th

    This year's agenda.

    The Multi-Disciplinary Nature of Promoting Sustainable and Active TravelOur industry like no-other, brings together a huge range of teams and individuals     with experience from a whole host of backgrounds.            
    Each member with their own unique experiences is essential to achieving our shared aim.
    Collectively, our group is affectionately becoming known as Team Modeshift
    The 2019 Modeshift Convention will celebrate and share best practice on all that is good about the multi-disciplinary nature of promoting sustainable and          active travel.

We are now welcoming papers on the following themes:
Psychology of Behaviour Change
Getting infrastructure right
STARS best practice session – Education, Business, community
Age is no barriers – Early years, Higher Ed, Work places, Schools, Older adults
Development Control – Working together to create a national standard
Building barriers to unsustainable travel

If you are interested to present please email and answer the following questions

1. Theme
2. Presentation synopsis - Proposed title and what you plan to cover
3. How long you would need ie 15 / 20 mins
4. Name of presenter/s and organisation/s
5. Presentation style and is there anything you plan to do that will make your presentation stand out?

Deadline to submit is July 31st - Send your submissions to

Up-cycled cycle storage – Shooters Grove Primary School, Sheffield

Shooter’s Grove Primary school in Sheffield wanted to promote cycling as a form of transport to and from school, particularly as they already had a high number of pupils walking. One barrier which was identified was a lack of specific cycle storage where cycles could be kept upright and safe from damage caused by lying bikes on the floor.

The school along with ModeshiftSTARS staff decided to make their own cycle storage by recycling old wooden pallets. This provided a valuable opportunity for children to learn about environmental and conservational issues and how they could help to reduce waste by recycling. It is also a great example of a low cost, but effective idea to solve an otherwise potentially expensive problem.

The school sourced the wooden pallets from a local builders merchant and the caretaker constructed the pallets once they had been painted by the pupils. There was a grand opening of the cycle storage where children and parents enjoyed a free healthy breakfast and had a chance to cycle in the playground before the school day started. It was a great celebration of the school’s achievement.

The grand opening was followed up with a cycle safety assembly for the whole school, where children learned about how to keep themselves safe when riding their bikes and the importance of being seen by other road users. A very busy Dr Bike session then took place, where all three cycle racks were full, demonstrating the value of the project.

If you would like more information regarding the Modeshift STARS Scheme, visit for for more information.

School Sport and Activity Action Plan

"A cross-government action plan to provide pupils with greater opportunity to access 60 minutes of sport and physical activity every day."

"The action plan:

  • outlines a range of new measures to strengthen the role of sport within a young person’s daily routine
  • explains how teachers and parents can play their part
  • promotes a joined-up approach to physical activity and mental wellbeing

The action plan will be of interest to schools, teachers, parents and the sport sector."

For full details visit:

A Balanceability Case Study - Modeshift Partner

If you would like more information about Balanceability, visit

North East Lincolnshire - Low Cost Scooter Pod Initiative for Modeshift Members

A message from North East Lincolnshire -

"We thought it would be a good idea to share with you the idea which we came up with here in North East Lincolnshire with regards to the free Scooter pod which Cyclepods were providing to all Modeshift members.

We decided that the fairest way to award the free scooter pod was to run a competition on the council’s Facebook page where general members of the public could nominate either a school, nursery or children’s centre in the borough to win the free scooter pod.

Over the 5 days which the competition was open for we received 982 comments , 562 likes, 330 shares & 17,176 post engagements, this in turn has increased the amount of people who are viewing the councils Facebook page meaning more people will be aware of what we are doing across the borough"

On behalf of Modeshift we would like thank North East Lincolnshire Council for sharing this case study.

Modeshift STARS mentioned in the latest Road Safety Statement 2019

On the 19th July 2019 the Department for Transport published the "Road Safety Statement 2019: A Lifetime of Road Safety". Modeshift STARS alongside Modeshift Partner Living Streets received acknowledgement within the statement for their work in supporting road safety through the promotion of sustainable and active school travel.

The statement looks at road safety throughout the lifetime of a road user and this statement brings a refreshed 2 year action plan addressing road safety issues. Full details on the statement can be found at


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