Modeshift National Sustainable Travel Awards - nominations close 26th July

Just a reminder about this year’s National Sustainable Travel Awards.

Over 200 registered for Modeshift School Streets Webinar

The webinar on the 6th July will take you through the key elements of a 'traditional' School Streets scheme and give an overview of how local authorities can quickly establish schemes in their area as a response to the current public health crisis. We will also share examples of best practice from local authorities across the country who have already managed to set up School Streets schemes in recent weeks as part of their response. Specifically the webinar will focus on the following areas:

Including COVID-19 into the Travel Plans – News from Next

New Chief Executive - News from Living Streets

Covid-19 temporary cycling and walking interventions - News from Sustrans

We're seeing more and more local authorities making changes to our streets to make it safer for people to walk and cycle during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

So we've put together a list of guidance, technical briefings and examples to support designers in creating temporary cycling and walking interventions.

To find out more visit 

Modeshift Webinar - The role of School Streets in supporting the wider re-opening of schools

We caught up with Nick and Caroline School Streets course tutors, ahead of the upcoming Webinar taking place on the 6th July.

Beryl partners with Pushing Ahead to launch the BetterByBike initiative in Norwich

Beryl, the British micro mobility operator of Norwich’s bike share scheme, has partnered with Norfolk County Council’s Pushing Ahead programme to encourage more journeys by bicycle and help rejuvenate the city’s local economy. Throughout the coming summer months, hundreds of thousands of riding minutes will be accessible for free to help those across the city looking to travel in a safe and more sustainable way.

Are you offering cycle training

With an increasing number of people opting to cycle so they can comply with social distancing, we know that some members have reintroduced free cycle training.

Garden Villages and Garden Towns - Visions and Reality

From Kent to Carlisle, the Government wants to build more than 50 Garden Villages and Garden Towns to help tackle the country’s housing supply crisis.

Workplaces, Travel & Covid 19 Webinar for Employers - Modeshift Partner Go Travel Solutions

Practical ways for employers to deal with the commuting challenges and opportunities presented by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Traffic to be banned outside 40 schools in Hackney as part of emergency plan

School Streets – where motor traffic is banned from outside schools at opening and closing times – will be introduced at almost every primary school in Hackney by September, as part of the Council’s radical plan to aid social distancing, support walking and cycling and protect people from an increase in traffic as lockdown eases.

The rollout of School Streets to 40 new schools follows the Council’s successful bid for £350,000 from Transport for London’s Streetspace programme. The Council will implement the scheme, contributing an additional £100,000 towards the project.

School Streets help to reclaim roads outside schools from motor traffic, aid social distancing, improve air quality at the school gates, and make it easier for children to walk and cycle to school.

Nine School Streets are already in place in Hackney, with evidence from the first four showing that traffic reduced by an average of 68%, the number of children cycling to school increased by 51% and vehicle emissions outside schools (NOx, PM10 and PM2.5) are down by 74% as a result of the schemes.

Hackney Council was one of the first local authorities in the country to introduce School Streets, and has since created a toolkit that other local authorities are now using to implement their own.

To find out more visit

New survey reveals parent concern over street safety

A new survey finds six out of ten parents are worried about increased levels of traffic when lockdown is lifted.

The survey, commissioned by Global Action Plan and carried out by Opinium, finds that six out of ten parents are worried about increased levels of traffic when lockdown is lifted, but that they are also keen to play their part. Over half (53%) plan to walk or cycle more than they did before after lockdown, and the vast majority of those that plan to be more active (79%) say that restricting vehicle access at certain times of the day would be helpful.

In response to the survey, Living Streets alongside 10 other organisations are calling on councils to use £280 million of funding that has been made available by governments in UK for local authorities to build cycle lanes, widen pavements and restrict motor traffic to make neighbourhoods safer.

To find out more visit

20mph speed limit in Westminster

Westminster City Council is introducing a 20mph speed limit on all its roads, as part of their commitment to making streets safer, healthier and cleaner for everyone.

Reducing speeds reduces the severity of accidents and makes it safer to walk and cycle – helping improve public space and encourage healthier, more active lifestyles.

Lower speed limits are supported by an overwhelming majority of Westminster residents, who feel it would be safer to walk and cycle in their community.

For more details visit

Modeshift STARS Summer Update 2020 Video

Nick Butler National STARS Manager takes you through the summer update ahead of the Virtual Modeshift Regional Meetings.

(Please note this video is hosted on Facebook and may not work due to your organisation's corporate policy on this webpage. The video is also available on our Linkedin page)

For more information about the Regional meetings visit

For information for Modeshift STARS visit

Modeshift Summer Update Video 2020

In this video Adam takes you through the summer update ahead of the Virtual Regional meetings for the summer of 2020.

(Please note this video is hosted on Facebook and may not work due to your organisation's corporate policy on this webpage. The video is also available on our Linkedin page)

Find out the latest new from Modeshift including the National Sustainable Travel Awards, Modeshift Convention and of course all of the great benefits available to Modeshift Members.

If you would like more information about the events taking place for your region visit

National E-scooter Trials

Does your authority want to take part in the upcoming e-scooter trials safely??????

Scoot Fit have the only E-scooter Share Docking System available that provide a solution to authroties that don’t want dockless escooters being littered over pavements causing a hinderance or nuisance.

Each station holds 12 push or e-scooters and be strategically placed along commuting routes to encourage people to leave their cars at home.

To reduce accidents and help local communities adapt to this new mode of transport Scoot Fit recommends using push scooters for the first 6 months of the trial and then if authorities feel the community is ready they will add escooters.

Scoot Fit also advises implementing their nursery, school, leisure centre and business training in local communities to support the scooter share so users become more confident and competent at scooting.

No other operator in the trials can provide this unique service to make users safer.

If you are thinking about having an e-scooter trial, Scoot Fit have been a Modeshift partner for 4 years and have a great reputation and knowledge for successfully delivering this service for communities.

Please contact Scoot Fit today for more information.

Modeshift STARS – Effective Travel Plans for the return to work and school - free for the first 100 sites – save £150

As schools and businesses begin to plan for the easing of lockdown, families and individuals will be starting to think about how they are going to travel whilst adhering to social distancing guidelines.

The current guidance for businesses is that if people cannot work from home and have to travel for work, they should first consider cycling, walking or driving to help ensure there is enough capacity for those who need to travel on public transport to do so safely. Meanwhile for schools, children, young people and parents are encouraged to walk or cycle where possible and avoid public transport at peak times. It is understood that the Government will shortly publish guidance on how to travel safely, which schools, parents and young people can refer to when planning their travel, particularly if public transport is required.

We recognise that with social distancing in place, planning the journey to work or school is going to be particularly complex for some. Therefore, it has never been more important to develop and deliver an effective Travel Plan in order to ensure that everyone can travel as safely, efficiently and actively as possible. A Travel Plan is a population wide strategy for travel behaviour change that can be applied to any setting. Traditionally, it includes a package of measures that aims to reduce single-occupancy car use to and from any given site in favour of increases in sustainable and active travel, but given restrictions on public transport, it is essential that focus is now on ensuring that those who can walk and cycle have the infrastructure, information and confidence to do so in order to reduce the demand on the public transport and road network.

Given this urgent requirement for effective Travel Plans, Modeshift have decided to make its STARS Business platform free (normally £150) for the first 100 businesses that register in June & July in order to assist in the development and implementation of a Travel Plan. The Modeshift STARS online Travel Plan toolkit provides a comprehensive Travel Plan tool that assists in creating, implementing and monitoring your Travel Plan. Furthermore, the scheme recognises and rewards excellence in the promotion of sustainable and active travel with the potential of national accreditation for those sites that go on to implement their Travel Plan.

To get registered on Modeshift STARS and start working on your own effective Travel Plan, business should complete the STARS Business ‘Contact Us’ form at - - including EffectiveTravelPlan in the ‘Subject’ line.

Supporting a return to active travel journeys - News from David Richards

As businesses and schools seek a return to work, under government advice after the Covid-19 lockdown, clear social distancing measures are required, possibly for up to 18 months, or more. For instance, there will be restrictions for public vehicles using a road where an open school is located.

We have introduced new school signs to promote social distancing, vehicle restrictions and personal hygiene, in addition we have general use signs for companies/employees. These are available immediately.

Whether you wish to follow a standard template or one of your own design we will be pleased to assist with a solution suitable for display on any surface.

Please follow the links to view the signs and pricing;

It's National Volunteers' Week 2020 - a time to say thanks

We would like to say a big thank you to volunteers across the transport sector who are working hard every day to ensure that we are able to continue to travel, where necessary.

This includes our Modeshift Management Board, all of whom are volunteers who are passionate about active safe and responsible travel.

Discounts on Cycle Storage - News from Cyclepods

We’re hoping that the current focus on walking and cycling continues, and we are ready to support your schemes to “provide additional cycle parking facilities at key locations, such as outside stations and in high streets, to accommodate an increase in cycling, for example by re-purposing parking bays to accommodate cycle racks”.

We can supply you with toastracks, vertical and semi-vertical bike racks and of course our secure Streetpods that can carry an A2 size information panel.

Discounts are available on selected products in order to help your stretch your funding further so please do get in touch.


Cycling funding available

British Cycling is working closely with Sport England to develop a national network of new cycling facilities which meets local demand, making use of a £15 million investment programme called Places to Ride.

The funding is available to any organisation that is developing cycling activity in their community and can be used for anything from equipment packages to activate your local space, through to a brand new cycling facility.

The programme is open until January 2021. For more information including how to apply visit

Three Hackney Streets to close to support walking and cycling

Three more streets in Hackney are set to close to through-traffic to support people to walk and cycle more and improve opportunities for social distancing as public transport use decreases.

Ashenden Road in Homerton, Gore Road by Victoria Park and Ufton Road in De Beauvoir will all be closed to motor vehicle through-traffic. Ashenden Road will be closed at its junction with Glyn Road and Meeson Street will be closed at its junction with Kingsmead Way to address rat-running by traffic avoiding congestion on Homerton High Street Gore Road, which runs parallel to a northern quarter of Victoria Park, will be closed at its junction with Lauriston Road to support social distancing and provide safer cycling options in the area. Ufton Road will be closed at its junction with Downham Road to reduce rat-running traffic attempting to avoid traffic signals on Southgate Road. This proposal will also help to link Ufton Gardens and the games area opposite.

With Government guidance clear that people should only use public transport if absolutely necessary, numbers of people walking and cycling, as well as the number of cars, are expected to increase across the capital.

The latest set of proposals will help to protect those walking and cycling from increasing levels of motor traffic, which have been found to be travelling at higher speeds.

In the coming weeks, the Council will deliver further measures to protect pedestrians and cyclists from traffic, which will complement the existing 120-plus road closures in Hackney and Transport for London’s recently announced Streetspace plan.

The modal filters announced today, alongside the more recently-declared Barnabas Road closure, will be delivered under Experimental Traffic Orders, which will allow residents to feed back throughout their operation.

Cllr Jon Burke, Hackney Council Cabinet Member for Energy, Waste, Transport and Public Realm, said: “Hackney’s high cycling rate and low levels of car ownership present both challenges and opportunities at a time in which fewer people will use public transport. That’s why we’re determined to reimagine our streets so people can safely walk and cycle. “Reallocating road space to achieve better environmental, public health, and social outcomes is enshrined in the Hackney Transport Strategy. These latest proposals will not only improve road safety and opportunities for social distancing, but also deliver reduced planet-heating vehicle emissions and air quality improvements in a borough with one of the highest rates of premature deaths from air pollution in the country.”

The latest set of closures are in addition to the Council’s temporary road closures at Broadway Market, pavement widening at seven key locations, and the closure at Barnabas Road, which is set to be introduced on 28 May.

Covid-19 Range - News from Brightkidz

As we emerge from lockdown, getting your active travel campaign messages out there has never been more important. Social distancing means we need to ease the burden on public transport and minimise car journeys where possible.

Walking, scooting and cycling are the way to do this. So to help you promote your messages to encourage more people to travel in active ways, we've launched our Covid-19 Safety range of products which can be custom printed with your campaign logo. For most, the minimum order is just 100.

Here's a quick intro of some of our initial products in the range... see what you think:

Face Coverings: these are recommended for use by adults and children over the age of two on public transport and in shops to help combat the spread of the virus. These can be printed all over in your design or logo - or simply kept plain in your choice of colour.

Hand Sanitiser: washing hands when out and about is easy with this pocket-size bottle. Having your active travel message printed on it is a visible reminder.

Hygiene Tool: use this to avoid touching surfaces when you are out in public - for when you need to open doors, use PIN pads, press traffic light buttons or unhook gates. Your printed logo will keep them reminded of your campaigns.

To find out more visit

World Champion cyclist shares his views - News from Room 9 Media

World Champion endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont talked to Room 9 Media about everything from his own cycling adventures to the practicalities of getting more people on their bikes as the lockdown eases.

Mark holds the record for cycling round the world, accomplishing the breath taking feat in under eighty days. He talked about people who might wish to take up cycling for the first time or after a lengthy break.

“There's a massive amount of research that’s been done on how you integrate cycling into your life systematically. So it just doesn't become a thing which happens once a month with friends when you have a moment of inspiration, but it's something which you genuinely do every day in a small way.

“And certainly if you live in an urban environment, having the habit to pick up the bike rather than the car keys for journeys, which are less than two miles, is something which you need to do with a bit of practice to start with".

To hear the full interview visit

Supporting social distancing

A few weeks ago I wrote about how LB Haringey has introduced a package of measures to support social distancing at town centres in the borough. We are also looking at how we could support schools with social distancing. We contacted the schools and asked them to complete a questionnaire which would help us determine what might be needed.

Suggestions have varied from markings on the pavements to widening the footway or closing the road. We are currently putting the schools into priority order so that measures can be designed and costed.

If you are planning any projects around supporting schools, or residents to social distance or any other projects which will support your key audiences during this pandemic, please do get in touch with me at and let me know what you are planning.

Denise Adolphe, Modeshift Communications Officer and Business Manager at LB Haringey

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Renew your membership with Modeshift by 1st June and continue to receive:

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How Covid-19 has impacted work - news from a Modeshift Expert Advisor

We are in unprecedented times! So, what have I been doing with my unexpected time at home? I am fortunate to live in a lovely area that encourages walking and cycling. I find active travel is a great way to help with my health and well-being and is helping me through these difficult times. Also, to pass time I have tried a number of games, quiz, jigsaws etc I decided to try online chess. Initially, very disheartening playing against a computer as we know it takes a while to work out your move only for the computer to reply in a split second and invariably beat me! Decided not for me! Then found I could play against other people online much better option after blowing dust off my chess skills started to win some matches happy days!

I am missing sport on TV I realised this is a problem when recently I watched match of the day showing classic games and I celebrated a goal that was about 15 years ago! Need to get out more!!

For a number of years, I was the regional representative for the North West for Modeshift. I then undertook the challenge to undertake the role of vice chair for business and communities which I enjoyed. In the last year, I moved from the public sector to undertake a role as principal transport planner for Jacobs consultancy. I was keen to continue to work with such a great organisation and was happy to undertake a position on the new Modeshift expert panel. We are currently defining the role of the panel which we will share when completed. I look forward to being part of the continued success of Modeshift.

Workwise, For some time, I have been working on developing transport delivery plans across towns in Cheshire. Considering Covid 19 the plans will play a major part in the movement of people across industry, education and leisure.

The Transport Delivery Plans are being developed following the adoption of the Cheshire East Council Local Transport Plan 4 (LTP4) in October 2019. Phase 2 of the Local Transport Plan will focus on how the issues and opportunities identified in the Boroughwide strategy relate to specific areas within Cheshire East in the form of Town Delivery Plans.

The Delivery Plans seeks to build on past achievements; including those guided by the LTP4, whilst also responding to local, regional and national changes since the previous Cheshire East LTP was adopted in 2011.

The Delivery Plans sets out a list of potential transport options and initiatives for the area to be developed and delivered over the lifespan of the LTP4. This evidence-led study has enabled an understanding of various transport-related issues and the wider area identified through the baseline review of all transport modes, including public transport, private car and active travel.

The Delivery Plans will provide improved and new travel choices for accessing, work and leisure. Whilst improving health benefits for residents and employees.

Steve Glazebrook, Modeshift External Advisor and Principal Transport Planner at Jacobs

E-scooter consultation

The Government is seeking views on the proposed regulatory changes to allow e-scooter trials to begin. These changes will set the rules for e-scooters and their users. We are running trials as we assess whether e-scooters should be legalised in the UK.

The consultation asks about:

  • a definition of an e-scooter and its physical design
  • the max​imum speed and power limits to be allowed in trials
  • a range of rules for legal e-scooter use during trials

This consultation is part of the ‘Future of transport regulatory review’ for which the Government is running a call for evidence, which includes seeking evidence on micromobility vehicles (including e-scooters), flexible bus services, and mobility as a service.

To find out more visit

Ipswich Waterfront to close to motorised traffic during the lock down to help residents get their daily exercise at a safe distance

Suffolk County Council is taking measures to temporarily close off roads in its towns to motorised vehicles to assist local people in exercising safely.

The first road the county council will be closing is along Ipswich Waterfront between Custom House and Coprolite Street. The closure will be in place daily from Wednesday 29 April for a minimum of 21 days. After this time, the closure will be reviewed in line with the country’s COVID-19 response. Signs will be put up advertising the road closure and advising people to keep to a safe distance.

Suffolk County Council is keen to stress this intervention is designed to support safe social distancing and, as per the government’s guidelines, members of the public should not be travelling excessively to access public open spaces.

The highway authority is also looking at other locations and measures it can implement in built up areas in our county towns that will allow more people to carry out their daily exercise and support well being, whilst continuing to follow the latest guidelines from government. This will include widening existing cycle lanes and footpaths, providing temporary footpaths and cycle lanes and changing traffic signal timings to reduce waiting times for pedestrians and cyclists.

To find out more visit

Hackney Council Introduces emergency road safety measures to help maintain social distancing

Hackney Council is introducing the first parts of a package of emergency measures to improve road safety and social distancing throughout the coronavirus pandemic. At seven sites where residents are experiencing difficulties with social distancing, footpaths will be widened with barriers and parking will be suspended to help people walk and shop safely. For more information visit


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