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August 3rd 2020 UPDATE

Dear Members

2020 Convention update

On behalf of the Modeshift Management Board, I wanted to personally write to our members and partners and outline our position and next steps in relation to the 2020 convention in Leicester.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been able to deliver our face to face services online and now we must consider how we best deliver our AGM, convention and awards programme.

I have spoken to the Athena Centre and hotels (reserved for overnight guests) and secured time to allow Modeshift to develop an alternate plan for our members and partners. The agenda we have lined up for November is quite substantial, we now need some time in the coming weeks to discuss with our speakers and formulate a new plan.

By the start of September, we will share this plan with you. At that time, we will also include information about your membership/partner fee. As you are aware, our member subscription includes a convention package and we will take that into account when planning for this year and next. For our partners, we will contact you all in the coming weeks as you have signed up to different packages with us.

So, please hold tight, we know a face to face event this year is not likely (it saddens me deeply to say that), but rather than say its cancelled and we’ll see you next year, we will instead present to you our alternate 2020 convention programme.

Please be safe, enjoy the summer holidays and I look forward to catching up with you all again soon.

Ross Butcher
National Chair of Modeshift

The 2020 Modeshift Convention will take place at the Athena Conference Centre in Leicester.

Dates Doors open from 09.15 am on November 5th and ends around 14.00 on November 6th

This year's agenda.

Sustainable and Active Travel:Planning, partnerships and delivery, brings together a huge range of teams and individuals with experience from a whole host of backgrounds. The 2020 Modeshift Convention will celebrate and share best practice on all that is good about the connecting the dots between good planning, strong partnerships and effective delivery.

An agenda will be published soon

The Modeshift Convention Map - Brought to you by Pindar Creative

Convention Frequently Asked Questions

What does my Modeshift Membership include for the Modeshift Convention?

Each Modeshift Local authority has one space at the Modeshift Convention included in the Modeshift Convention. To Redeem this space select ticket option "1) Modeshift Membership Place and Pre Paid tickets". Some Local Authorities have booked their additional spaces in advance, you can also redeem these tickets with this option. Please note Modeshift will be cross referencing pre paid places and bookings

I have booked tickets with accommodation. When will I find out my accommodation arrangements?

We will be handle the accommodation arrangements in house and will notify you of your hotel in due course.

I need to change my booking details, can I make changes?

Yes, you can. make the necessary changes through you E-ticket email

I only want to attend one day of the conference, is this possible?

Yes is it, please select one of the one day ticket options on our Eventbrite page.

Can I only attend the National Sustainable Travel Awards Evening?

Yes is it, please select one of the Awards evening ticket option on our Eventbrite page.

I don't require accommodation, what option is available for me?

We have a none accommodation rate available. Please note each local authority member has access to one full convention ticket per authority, this includes accommodation and Modeshift will not be subsidising this place.


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