The annual Modeshift Convention is taking place in Leicester on the 7th and 8th November 2019

This two day conference brings together industry professional from a range of sectors to showcase and share best practice in the delivery and promotion of sustainable travel. Modeshift will present a range of speakers from leading organisations who are at the forefront of sustainable travel promotion.

This year's conference theme is the "Multi-Disciplinary Nature of Promoting Sustainable and Active Travel".This theme will look at the broader role professionals need to play to deliver against broader societal objectives as a collective.

Call for Papers!

We are now welcoming papers on the following themes:

- Psychology of Behaviour Change

- Getting Infrastructure Right

- STARS Best Practice - Education, Business, Community

- Age is no Barrier - Early years, Higher education, work place, schools and older adults,

- Development Control - Working together to create a national standard

- Building Barriers to Unsustainable Travel.

If you are interested in presenting please send the follow information:

1. Theme

2. Presentation Synopsis - including proposed title

3. Expected Duration of Presentation

4. Name of presenter and organisation

5. Presentation style and is there anything that you plan to do to make your presentation stand out.

Deadline: 31st July 2019

Send you submissions to


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