The Modeshift management board is supporting by a panel of external advisory board members. The external advisory board attend meetings and comment on planning and strategy documents.

Tyler Linton: External Advisory Board member since 2013

Tyler has worked in active travel since moving to the UK in 2008 leaving a career in carpentry and building. Tyler previously got more children walking and cycling to school in the London Borough of Lewisham before moving to the London Borough of Hackney, where he manages the smarter travel programme. Tyler was the London representative for Modeshift from 2011-2013 and has sat on the TfL Education and Behaviour Change programme steering group. He has helped develop a European standard for school mobility accreditation through the STARS Europe Intelligent Energy Europe project. Tyler has a keen interest in evidence based policy, a fondness for the sharing of best practice and a love for good quality reports of unsuccessful projects.


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