The UK Local Authority School Travel Forum (UKLAST) was formed in 2001/2 before the Travel To School Initiative to connect authorities linked to practices in school travel.

Following the announcement of the TTSI in 2004, UKLAST membership grew rapidly and the forum began to deliver services to its members including an AGM, national awards and a best practice sharing website.


In 2007, UKLAST changed its name to Modeshift and the next year Modeshift was granted access by Transport for London to deliver a national version of the STAR accreditation scheme. Membership during this time increased to a new high of 74 Local Authorities including several partner organisations.

Towards the end of the TTSI, many authorities lost their School Travel Advisor post and as a result Modeshift struggled to sustain high levels of membership. in 2011, Modeshift submitted a funding application as part of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, and on this occasion was not successful.

In 2011, the Modeshift board decided to undergo a full restructure and took a new approach to increase membership numbers.


At the beginning of 2012, Modeshift had grown from a management board of six to ten members. The board presented a new membership offer to authorities and partnering organisations, including a refurbished website, regional meetings and a free conference. Membership numbers increased to a new high of 86 authorities in a space of six months.

In that same year, Modeshift and secured a grant of £9.5k from Awards for All to revamp the National STAR accreditation scheme and make it an online sysem. Modeshift then re-launched the scheme as STARS to authorities outside of London.

In 2013, the Modeshift board expanded to 12 members, and the organisation began to draft a strategy that would steer its future direction.

in 2014, Modeshift launched its strategy and announced that the organisation would expand and ecompass new audiences inlcuding commuters and communities. In the same year, Modeshift applied to the Department for Transport to run the Prime Ministers school travel awards. At the 2014 AGM in Birmingham, Baroness Kramer announced that the DfT had awarded Modeshift £184k to run the National School Travel Awards through is STARS scheme. Part of the grant meant that for the first in its history Modeshift could employ a member of staff to run the STARS scheme.

In 2015 Modeshift launched its new STARSfor system for workplaces with plans to create a new rating scheme in 2017. The management board team grew to 13 members and Modeshift were able to recruit a STARS officer as part of a successful Access Fund bid with Living Streets.

2016 to present

In 2016 Modeshift created a new brand for its STARSfor rating scheme, and continued to expand the scheme to more Local Authorities. The first National School Travel Awards school of the year award presentation took place at the Portcullis House in Westminster and the scheme expanded to over 750 schools.

In 2017, the STARSfor rating scheme was fully launched and began to expand to authorities and organisations accross England

2017 also saw Modeshift launch CPD accredited training - with 5 courses accredited by the spring of 2019

Former members of the management board

  • Catherine Rawas. Chair of UKLAST 2003-2005
  • Nick Ellis. Chair of UKLAST 2005-2006
  • Beth Cruft. Vice Chair of UKLAST 2005-2006 and Chair 2006-2007
  • Toni Angelico. Treasurer of UKLAST 2005-2006
  • Dave Sharpington. Website engineer 2005-2007
  • Richard Clarke. Admin. 2005-2007
  • George Callaghan. Board member 2005-2007
  • Kevin Speakman. Administrator 2007-2008
  • Helena Jeremy. Member of board 2006-2007 and Vice chair 2007-2009
  • Emma Sheridan. Chair of Modeshift 2007-2011
  • Maddie Foley. Training officer 2007-2008 and Vice chair 2009-2011
  • Tyler Linton. London rep 2011 – 2013
  • Jo Brooksbank. SE and EE rep -2012 – 2014
  • Lindsey Coates. Administrator 2010-2014
  • Nick Butler. NE rep 2007-2011 and Vice chair 2011-2015
  • Katie Telkman. Education officer. 2013-2015
  • Jane Deeley. SW rep. 2008-2015
  • Sarah Fay, NE, Y&H rep 2009-2016
  • Patrick Donnelly, London rep 2013-2017
  • Dominique Humbert, workplace and communities officer, 2015-2017
  • Michael Kitchen, London rep 2017-2018
  • Janine McCretton - SW rep - 2015-2018
  • Steve Glazebrook - NW rep 2012-2015 & Vice-chair 2015-2019


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