Covid-19 Modeshift business continuity

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of Modeshift I hope you are all well and adjusting to the national and global impacts of the Covid-19 virus. At this time, I wish to share with you an update on your membership organisation ‘Modeshift’ and our accreditation programme ‘Modeshift STARS’.


The organisation is run by a board of 12 volunteers and our part-time Business Operations Manager, Adam Walker. We are all working from home and able to carry out the majority of services promised to you in your membership package. These are things you can do/get involved in!

Modeshift STARS

This service is delivered by our STARS team (1 PT manager and 2 PT officers). They are all working from home and able to carry out the majority of services within your STARS licence. What this means to you?

· The Team have recently sent out an email detailing arrangement over the coming weeks/months

· The Modeshift STARS Education system remains fully operational and the Modeshift STARS Team are still in place to support local authorities with any accreditation queries.

· We are not proposing any changes to the timetable for Spring 2020 application window. Any schools that have already applied should and will have their applications quality assured over the next 5-weeks.

· For schools that were set to apply for accreditation this Spring but have not been able to, if there is no chance of schools completing the final criteria and you really feel they should be considered for approval in this window, then please speak to a member of the Modeshift STARS Team on a case by case basis to discuss the situation.

· For any school whose accreditation is due to expire in either the Spring 2020 or Summer 2020 accreditation window, and in the event that they are unable to re-apply for accreditation, the Modeshift STARS Team will grant an automatic extension of their accreditation to 31st December 2020.

We’ll continue to update you through this period of uncertainty and we encourage all members to stay safe during this difficult time. We look forward to connecting with again soon.

Ross Butcher

National Chair of Modeshift



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