Meet the Modeshift Team - Sarah Mcalinden

Job title: Travel2Next Team Leader

Modeshift Board Responsibility: Business Advisor

How long have you been with Modeshift? A member for two years just over

If you could only choose to promote one way to travel, what would it be and why? Tough one as it's very site dependant. If I based this answer for Next Head Office then I would say car sharing due to the rural location, which includes an extremely poor public bus service, and too far for people to walk. However if I based this answer on stores then I would say buses, as there are always buses available to travel to town and city centres.

Tell us something we didn’t know about you? I used to keep snakes as pets, ranging from Garter snakes to Burmese Pythons.

What’s your biggest work achievement to date? Achieving Gold Accreditation via Modeshift for the Head Office travel plan, which was also the first corporate company in the UK to achieve this.

What do you do for fun? Cinema, meals out, dog walking, travelling (mainly to Indonesia, a country we could learn lots from when it comes to sustainable travel).



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