On November 6th 2014, Modeshift published its Sustainable Travel Strategy.

This was followed by an update on the strategy published November 3rd 2016.

Please select the image below to download a copy of the 2014 strategy - 6.2mb.

Please select the image below to download a copy of the 2016 strategy update - 2.2mb.

The strategy went out to consultation in July 2014. A summary of the comments can be found here.

Purpose of the strategy
The purpose of this strategy is to develop a plan for how Modeshift will achieve its vision
and objectives. This strategy includes activities that have been assessed by its members and
partners and will enable the organisation to grow and encompass the promotion of sustainable travel choices for workplaces and communities.

Modeshift’s vision is for a society in which active and sustainable travel is the preferred mode of transportation, creating healthier spaces, healthier people and healthier communities.

Our objectives
Our vision will be achieved through pursuance of the following objectives:
• To offer services to schools, higher education establishments and workplaces to support sustainable travel delivery
• To celebrate and share best practice in the promotion of sustainable travel choices
• To support long term investment in sustainable travel nationally, regionally and locally
• To be recognised by practitioners as the leading sustainable travel membership organisation in the UK.


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