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‘Scootsure’ is playground based training aimed at Year 2 and 3 students. It is intended to not only improve safety for riders and pedestrians but also as marketing tool to make scooting to school a viable, active and sustainable alternative to using the car to the whole school community. The project has also been devised to act as a bridge to Bikeability and as a building block for the pupils' future 'road craft' education. ‘Scootsure’ training takes place over two morning sessions on school grounds and can accommodate up to 30 pupils. All training is delivered by the Road Safety Team’s National Standards cycling instructors. We have created a bespoke training programme that we believe suits the needs of Bromley’s schools, pupils, parents and residents and has proven to increase modal shift. Trainees that successfully complete the course are rewarded with a ‘Scootstrap’ that they can proudly display on their scooter to show they are a ‘Scootsure’ trained rider.

Local Authority contact details

Joanna Loveridge London Borough of Bromley Civic Centre Stockwell Close BR1 3UH 0208 313 4066

Who was involved & what was their role?

The project was devised by the School Travel Team at the London Borough of Bromley, consulting with Police, local Councillors and schools. A pilot was carried out by a local primary school in the latter stages of development so that the content could be finalised.

Details of cost budget, sources of funding

The majority of funding was provided by the TfL LIP Fund, with all marketing, design and delivery undertaken by the Bromley School Travel team, which kept costs to an absolute minimum. Total cost including all equipment was £1273.34, which is sufficient to train 1000 pupils. At which point 'on-costs' of £743 would be required which would be sufficient for an additional 1000 pupils

How was it developed?

Development of the scheme began in 2013/2014. The key aspect emphasised in the early stages was that ‘Scootsure’ was not just a 'safety' measure, but equally a social marketing scheme intended to 'normalise' the concept of scooting to school. Research was undertaken into similar schemes. Our aim is to create modal shift from car use whilst improving road safety skills and building foundations for pupils to move onto Bikeability. An individual school was used to pilot the programme and their feedback was used to addresses any issues that occurred. A training manual has been developed for staff to refer to. All promotional materials are designed in-house and distributed to all Primary schools across the borrow(Evidence 1) A 'Scootstrap'- a bespoke item also designed in house, is provided upon successful completion of the course. (Evidence 2). This acts as a great incentive to the pupils and as an item that can only be obtained by training with us.

What was the outcome, including information on future plans - one-off, on-going, develop further?

Since 2013 we have trained over 1600 pupils at over 50 schools. Hands Up Surveys across schools participating in the Scootsure programme have shown an increase of 6% in 2015/16 to 0% in 2013/14 (1000+ pupils scooting to Schools). We intend to visit as many schools as possible each year and hope to increase anticipation among Reception and Year 1 by embedding ‘Scootsure’ in the culture of each school. The ability to run ‘Scootsure’ on limited funds is in its favour. However we are planning to prepare for any reduction in funding by attracting sponsorship.

How does this initiative or project meet the criteria?

‘Scootsure’ was created entirely from scratch in order to meet our specific objectives, namely increasing the number of pupils scooting to school. We used an individual school as a pilot school and based on their feedback addressed out any issues. We contacted a number of other Boroughs and asked them for a summary of their training methods. Since launch we have seen a 6% rise in scooter use on the school journey. We have developed a superior product, which could be used as best practice by other LAs. The cost per trained pupil is approximately 85p, this will fall as ‘on costs’ are lower than the initial setup costs. This is one of the main aims of ‘Scootsure’, building on the popularity of scooting with children and making it a viable, safe and legitimate way of travelling to school in the eyes of schools and parents.

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