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10 day Active Travel challenge

A simple, effective, sustainable active travel initiative currently available to all South Yorkshire Primary schools. The challenge: to travel to school in an active way for 10 consecutive days. Each individual who completes the challenge wins a small prize. Schools who take part, promote and encourage participation, compete to win whole school prizes such as themed walk to school events, visits from a theatre company, scooter storage. All prizes are active travel related and continue to promote and encourage the school and its community to choose active travel for their journey to school. Schools are given special classroom charts and stickers for children to record their progress over the 10 days as well as a resource pack, activity ideas and certificates. A competition is held for children to design the badge used as the prize, the design changes each challenge making the badges highly collectable.

Local Authority contact details

Kat Harrison Sheffield City Council 0114 2735828 @sccactivetravel

Who was involved & what was their role?

June 2016 saw 70 schools take part, reaching approx 20,000 children with over half completing the challenge. The scheme is run in association with the 4 districts in South Yorkshire, the SY Safer Roads Partnership and involves companies such as Green Top Circus, Histrionics, MOMO & Cyclepods Ltd who provide events and prizes. Children and their families take part in the scheme, schools promote and run the scheme, LA’s deliver & promote the scheme to their schools, SCC manage the scheme and SYSRP fund the scheme.

Details of cost budget, sources of funding

The South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership, funds the scheme. It costs approx. £35,000 per year to run 2 challenges across the county, including all resources (classroom charts, stickers, badges, flyers), officer time, events and prizes. The costs increase very little with an increase in participating schools, so the more schools taking part the better value for the money the scheme becomes. With the scheme reaching around 40,000 children each year, this works out at less than £1 per child.

How was it developed?

The scheme was developed in a response to dwindling numbers participating in existing schemes and it was felt something new had to be offered. The schemes simplicity meant we were able to use existing resources and partners to offer something fresh and exciting to schools whilst achieving solid results and a renewed enthusiasm. Over time the scheme has added new elements, activities and events. Due to its flexibility, individual schools are able promote locally and link to other important dates in the school diary (schools sports week, healthy week, road safety weeks etc), making participation less of a burden on staff time and school resources.

What was the outcome, including information on future plans - one-off, on-going, develop further?

The scheme has run twice a year for the past 3 years, each year attracting more schools and larger numbers of children completing the challenge. A new income source means that it’s future is secure for another year. The tiered approach (small prizes, whole school prizes and walk to school events) has made a massive impact on schools enthusiasm to take part in future challenges. The impact the challenge makes during the 10 days has also really encouraged individual families and schools to use active travel more regularly for the journey to school. The scheme will be developed further within South Yorkshire: offering new activities, prizes and events alongside a marketing campaign and associated branded items to raise awareness and increase participation.

How does this initiative or project meet the criteria?

The scheme is an innovative new idea successfully adopting the best elements of other schemes such as wow (pupil led changing badge designs), walk to school week (changed to 2 weeks to help cement behaviour change). It incorporates fun activities, offering themed walk to school events, fancy dress, smaller school competitions such as bling your bike. The scheme has engaged with new schools each time as well as having schools who take part each year. Without the various established partners the scheme wouldn’t be as effective and due to it’s flexibility, new ideas, partners and opportunities are easily incorporated. Outputs include: 20 walk to school events, 120 different schools participating, scooter skills training delivered 10 schools, 20 project specific assemblies delivered. Outcomes include: fewer cars on the school run, increased levels of active travel (walking scooting & cycling) for the journey to school, increased levels of physical activity, improved air quality, improved health & wellbeing of participants. The scheme is sustainable and has proven longevity, even without the same level of funding it’s possible to be a success. The scheme is easily transferable to other Members and their LAs Coming out at less than £1 per child shows good value for money The scheme helps identify the barriers for parents and participation in the scheme helps families overcome the barriers even if only for 10 days, the events and prizes associated with it help provide ongoing solutions.

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